T38 Faxing

Inbound T38

  • Clearly IP trunking supports full inbound T.38 faxing.  Most of our US and Canada DIDs and Toll Free DIDs you purchase from our store are capable of inbound T.38 faxing at no additional cost.
  • When purchasing a number from us you can see all numbers in the store that support T.38 inbound faxing by the T.38 Legend on the Phone Number Search page

  • If the number you purchase from us support T.38 whenever we get a call on that number and its determined the call is a fax call we will support your PBX requesting we switch the UDP packets to UDPTL ie T.38 and will start sending you the Fax as T.38

Outbound T38

  • Requires the purchase of at least 1 Fax Call Path to be able to send T38 Faxes to Clearly IP Trunking as outlined here.  
  • When sending a Fax that you want us to handle as T38 you need to prefix the fax number you are calling with *329 (*FAX) as the Number.  For example if you were trying to send a fax to 9203833100 you would send *3299203833100 this tells us you want us to handle this call as T38 and use our T38 services instead of voice. 

Setup Guides on setting up T.38 faxing on your PBX or Gateway

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