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Clearly Cloud Release Notes

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  • Released: 2021-02-01
  • Features Added
  • Bug Fixes


  • Released: 2020-12-10
  • Features Added
    • Add Support for Clearly Anywhere Mobile app to auto provision the Clearly Anywhere mobile app for basic calling. 
      • Ability to send users email with magic link
      • Ability for users to scan QR code from within the ClusterPBX Login
    • Add Preview Support for Video Conference.
      • Ability set a DID or IVR to be routed to a Video Conference
      • Ability to restrict each Video Conference room
        • No Restrictions- All end users of the client can see this conference room when logged into ClusterPBX and join the conference.
        • Restricted - Pick which end users of the client are allowed to see this conference room from ClusterPBX
    • Branding
      • Allow Resellers to define their own Fav Icon
      • Add config option to hide documentation link at the top of all ClusterPBX pages.
      • Add option to remove copyright notice
      • Add option to set SIP useragent
    • Misc Features
      • Force using Busy Voicemail greeting in the event there is no recorded unavailable greeting.
      • Add support to set Time Zone for call routing logic at a per client level
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix misc French Translations issues
    • Block the deleting of a Reseller if they have Clients assigned to them.
    • Fix bug where some outbound routes were not editable
    • Fix issue that was causing a long delay in deleting voicemails

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