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Clearly Anywhere for Cloud


Installing Clearly Anywhere Mobile App

  • To set up the Clearly Anywhere mobile phone, you will need to install the Clearly Anywhere mobile app from the IOS or Android Stores.
    • Android
  • Once installed you can Login 1 of 2 ways
    • QR Code Scan
    • Manual Login

  • QR Code Scan
    • To use the QR code for a quick scan and log in ability, you will need to have the end User login Call Panel and navigate to their User Profile settings as outlined here.

        • Scan the QR code shown here from your Clearly Anywhere app by clicking on the Scan QR option
      • Manual Login
        • Type in the following three fields
          • Username - The Username for the User Level login you created when creating each user for the client above. This was the users email address
          • Password - The Web Interface Password for the user that you created for each user for the client above.
          • Domain - This is the Client Realm for each client that we referenced to take note of when you logged in as a Client into the CloudPBX Web GUI


      • Press the Sign In button, and after a few seconds you should be logged in and can start making and receiving calls as that user.

Using Clearly Anywhere Mobile App

Re-Provision Clearly Anywhere

  • The app will check in once an hour to your PBX for new or updated configuration information. If you want to force the app to resync the provisioning information, you can follow these steps.
  • Click on the Gear Cog in the top right from the Keypad screen
  • Click on the Account Setup option
  • Click on the Save button, and your Clearly Anywhere app will reach back out into your PBX and get an updated configuration file and apply it.

Setting up Local BLF's

  • Open your Clearly Anywhere App and click on the Quick Dial option at the bottom.
  • Press the + icon to add a new BLF
  • Provide the Extension Name, Extension Number, and toggle on the BLF option. You can optionally provide a picture associated with this Contact/BLF.
  • You can now see when the Extensions' current BLF status at any time. Click on the persons' name to quick-dial them.

  • Here is a example of a layout with numerous BLFs and Contacts setup

Do Not Disturb (DND)

  • DND on your Clearly Anywhere mobile app is not synced to the PBX for DND, which means when you enable DND on your mobile app, it will only enable it for that specific device. This is done on purpose; otherwise, if you enabled DND on your mobile device, it would enable it on all your phones if it was server-side.  The most common reason for enabling DND on your mobile is that you may not want calls coming to your mobile when you are near your desk phone.

Toggling DND Manually

  • From the main screen of your app, click on the (Extension) box at the top
  • From here, we can see the current state of DND is off.
  • Click on the toggle slider to turn on DND, and we will see it is now enabled
  • From the main screen, we can also see DND now shows on the corner of the (Extension) box.

Setting up DND Schedule

  • You can optionally set a schedule of when you want DND to be enabled and disabled automatically. If the schedule is set up and you are currently within that schedule period, DND is automatically enabled.
  • Click on the Gear Cog on the top right from the dial screen
  • Click on the Preferences option
  • Pick the Do Not Disturb option
  • From here, we can see a list of any DND rules we have already created and add, edit or delete rules.  Click on the + icon in the top right to create a new rule.
  • From here, we can define what hours and days of the week we want this rule to apply to. You may also add a comment for this rule, describing what its purpose or use is.  In our example, we are calling it Business Hours and defining its Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM.  Press the Add button at the top to save your rule.
  • You can optionally define the rule for specific contacts or phone numbers if you want.  For this rule, we are going to leave it for all contacts.
  • We can now see our new Rule is Enabled and added.
  • Below is a screenshot of a second rule I created, but the rule is not marked as enabled, so it's greyed out in the list since it's currently disabled.  You can go into any rule at any time and enable or disable the rule.

Video Calling

  • The Clearly Anywhere app supports making video calls from 1 Extension to another extension, also known as 1:1 Video Calling. Video calling should work with any other extension on your PBX set up with a Video enabled DeskPhone or Softphone such as Clearly Anywhere.
  • While on an active call, you can press the Video icon to establish a Video feed with any extension on the same PBX setup for Video, including other Clearly Anywhere users.
  • Pick if you want to use the Front or Back Camera
  • You can now see the Video of the other caller and your feed

Enable Debug Logging

  • Your Mobile app, by default, does not log anything, and we have to enable logging if prompted by Support to provide logs.

  • Click on the Gear Cog in your app.
  • Pick the Preferences option
  • Activate the Log SIP Traffic button and verify it shows it is active now as shown below, and press Done at the top.

Viewing Debug Logs

  • Click on the Gear Cog in your app.
      • Click on the SIP Log option
          • You can see the full logs and use the share button to email it to yourself or Support.


  • Your Clearly Anywhere mobile softphone app supports SMS messaging from most US 48 and Canadian DIDs.
  • Please note that to utilize this feature, recent regulations have been instituted by mobile carriers that require Brand and Campaign registrations for SMS send/receive to US and (most) Canadian wireless and mobile users.
    • Further information on these changes, and documentation on how to complete this registration process can be found here
    • Note that this process must be completed prior to successful SMS sending from your PBX (whether it is from Desktop, or Mobile softphone applications)

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