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Messaging Surcharges and Campaigns


Wireless Carriers have decided they do not want non-wireless numbers to easily send messages to mobile numbers anymore. So they have come up with a new concept of 10DLC, which stands for 10 Digit Long Code, which is any ten-digit number that is not a wireless carrier number.
The main carriers have started passing through surcharges for all messages sent from a 10DLC number to their wireless numbers based on the chart below. This change has been in effect since early 2021. However, since October 1, 2021, AT & T and T-Mobile are now requiring additional hurdles called Campaign Registration. They now require any 10DLC sender to register their company's "Brand" and register one or more campaigns outlining what type of messages they send and linking the phone numbers that you plan on sending messages from to a campaign that you have registered.
Below, we try to break down this highly complex process, including; all surcharges per message, price to register a brand, and monthly price to register a campaign, along with various rate limits that each Carrier imposes. The sanctioned company Carriers have chosen to handle all these changes in campaign registration and branding is The Campaign Registry (TCR). Therefore, we have been set up as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) from TCR to act on behalf of our customers to set up their Brands and Campaigns.

Campaign Registration is only required for Local US Numbers.  Toll Free Numbers and Canada Local Numbers have no concept or requirement at this time to be linked to a campaign.

Surcharges Per Carrier for Sending or Receiving Messages

  • The following grid attempts to outline the different surcharges each wireless Carrier has, which we will add to your standard messaging costs as an additional cost. Please note we do not guarantee this pricing moving forward, as carriers can and will change surcharges, and we are at the mercy of each Carrier.

    Carrier Per SMS Surcharge (USD) Per MMS Surcharge (USD) Surcharge Direction Requires Campaign
    Last Price Update
    AT&T 0.003 0.004 Outbound to Carrier Yes 11-15-22
    Bell Canada and Virgin 0.01 0.035 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    Cellular South 0.004 0.015 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    Claro 0.005 0.01 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    Digicel Caribbean 0.003 0.005 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    Eastlink Inc 0.008 0.01 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    Freedom Mobile 0.006 0.0012 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    Fido Solutions 0.01 0.020 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    Saskatel 0.008 0.008 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    T-Mobile 0.004 0.012 Inbound and Outbound Yes 11-15-22
    Telus 0.008 0.015 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    TextNow 0.003 0.003 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    Rogers 0.01 0.020 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    US Cellular 0.005 0.01 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    Verizon 0.004 0.006 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22
    Videotron 0.008 0.008 Outbound to Carrier No 11-15-22

Brand and Campaign Registry

As described in the surcharge table mentioned above, some carriers require you to register your company, also known as a brand. Once registered, you must then register one or more campaigns and link the sending numbers to a campaign.
  • If you do not set up a brand and campaign, we will have to prevent you from enabling SMS on any Number until the Campaign is setup and numbers are associated with the Campaign.
Currently, the creation of a brand and campaign is a semi-automated process for ClearlyIP. You can review our documentation here on how to setup your Brands and Campaigns.

Below is an outline of the fees for creating a Brand and Campaign.

Brand registration has a one-time fee of $4.00 charges to us from The Campaign Registry (TCR).
  • We also include a $4.00 1 time charge for processing your request to create a Brand on your behalf with TCR.
  • The total brand registration fee you will be charged for your brand submission is $8.00 as a one-time fee for each new brand or re-submission of a brand if the information changes.
    • If the information you provide for your brand can not be verified by TCR or is incorrect and we have to resubmit the Brand for verification you will be charged the $8.00 one-time fee.  This is mandated to us by TCR and not something we can control.
  • When we register your brand through TCR, TCR determines a score. It uses that score to determine how many messages your brand is allowed to send per day. See the section below, Throughput Per Carrier, for more information.
  • We will inform you when the brand submission is completed, what score you have received, and how this score can be challenged for a higher score through a third-party verification process.

Campaign Registration has a monthly fee charged by the Campaign Registry to register your Campaign. This fee depends on the type of campaign that is registered, as described in the table below. The Campaign Registry also requires you to agree to a three-month contract period for each Campaign, and each renewal period is also three months. Meaning that if you cancel service with us partially during your campaign period, we will still have to charge you for the remaining months of the three-month contract for your campaign.

Campaign Types supported by Clearly IP
  • Standard Campaigns - $10.00 a month TCR Fee plus $2.00 Fee from Clearly IP for a total of $12.00 a month
    • Depending on the Carrier outlined below, you have either a day or a minute limit on the number of messages that can be sent.
  • Low Volume Mixed Campaigns - $2.00 per month TCR Fee plus $1.00 Fee from Clearly IP for a total of $3.00 per month.
    • Low-volume campaigns are designed for non-time sensitive messages. Choose a Low Volume use case if you don’t exceed 15,000 messages/ month or if you don’t have a need for high throughput. Low volume mixed campaigns are restricted to 75 messages a minute on the AT&T network.
Beginning December 1, 2022, Clearly IP's downstream messaging vendor will begin implementing a $15.00 (USD) one time vetting fee for each campaign submission that is being required by the wireless carriers.  

AT&T assigns a Class Rating to each campaign to determine the number of messages you can send per minute, as described in the Throughput Per Carrier section below. This score is determined per campaign basis at the time of submission of your campaign, and we will inform you of the assigned class.

Throughput Per Carrier


Message Class Use Case Campaign Type AT&T Messages Per Minute (MPM)
A&B Russell 3000 Standard 4,500
C&D Large Business (Vetting required to move from E & F to a higher class) Standard 2,400
E&F Medium Business Standard 240
T Small Business Standard 75

To qualify for a different class beyond the default, you will have to pay a third party a vetting fee to review information about your campaign. Please get in touch with ClearlyIP for more information on AT&T costs and processes.


Risk Score Qualification Vetting Type Brand Score Daily Limit*
High-Performance Automated on Brand Submission 75 200,000
Low-Performance Automated on Brand Submission 0-24 2,000
High 3rd Party Vetting 75-100 200,000
Upper Mid 3rd Party Vetting 50-74 40,000
Lower Mid 3rd Party Vetting 25-49 10,000
Low 3rd Party Vetting 0-24 2,000

* To qualify for a different level beyond the default 0-24, for which 95% of companies automatically qualify, you must pay a vetting fee to a third party to review information about your brand. Please get in touch with ClearlyIP for more information on the process. A $40.00 fee for each request to have a brand vetted by a third party is charged regardless of the outcome, and all checks for the TCR are currently carried out by a company called Aegis Mobile.

T-Mobile Non Use Fee

Effective December 1, 2022, T-Mobile is implementing a $250.00 (USD) non-use fee to ensure campaigns provisioned are active and in use. This fee will be charged at the campaign level for any campaigns that have not sent any traffic to a T-Mobile destination in a rolling two month (60 day) window.  The rolling two month window begins December 1, 2022. We are currently billing this fee a month in arrears, so you will first see the charges on your March 2023 invoice.  

If you have campaigns that are no longer in use and will not be used in the future, please open a support ticket to have us expire the campaigns for you. If you have a campaign that sends a minimal amount of traffic, please ensure that the campaign sends at least one message to a T-Mobile destination per month in order to keep the campaign active. 

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