Typical Use Cases

Following are some typical ClearlyIP VoIP Failover Gateway use cases:

POTS Line Replacement

  • Scenarios where a site is reliant on legacy POTS lines in some capacity are an ideal use case for the ClearlyIP Failover Gateway with its 6 FXS ports.  Examples include:
    • Small Retail
    • SMB w/Legacy PBX/key system 
    • Remote site / warehouse
  • Locate the gateway unit in an area with good cellular coverage close to the analog phones or devices you wish to connect. 
    • For scenarios like elevator lines or doorboxes, these will typically be wired to your demarc area.
  • Connect the device's ethernet port to your LAN for network/internet access.
  • Connect the analog devices or PBX ports to the gateway's FXS ports to allow calling as usual.

CloudPBX Survivability

  • The ClearlyIP Failover Gateway can ensure emergency call completion, station-to-station calling, as well as inbound/outbound calls can be made during outages.  Whether your cloud or hosted PBX service is unreachable or your site's primary Internet is unavailable, the gateway's 4G wireless can automatically handle failover.
  • Typically, the gateway will be located an area with good cellular coverage and an ethernet port for network/Internet access.
  • IP handsets will be configured to utilize the device's internal IP as their secondary registration for their cloud PBX service.
  • During cloud PBX service outages, station-to-station calling will be handled inside the gateway and ClearlyIP SIP trunking will route calls to/from the outside world.
  • During an Internet outage, the gateway's 4g wireless activates automatically and will route external calls.
  • If desired, the gateway's 2 FXO ports could be used for an "ultimate" emergency calling failover path. 

FXS Gateway from Your PBX

  • Need up to 6 FXS ports to support critical extensions such as elevators or doorboxes?  The ClearlyIP Failover Gateway is a perfect solution to ensure call completion from these extensions in emergencies.
  • In this case, situate the gateway where there is cellular coverage, a LAN connection, and where it's convenient to plug in the device(s) you wish to connect.
  • The gateway offers flexibility for various PBX setups and supports two methods for routing extensions to its 6 FXS ports:
    • Individual SIP registrations for each port
    • Trunk registration

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