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SMS Webook - Standard

Webhook Workflow / Payload

When you've configured a webhook URL on an SMS-enabled number (see our guide) you'll have configured a URL which will point to your webhook-enabled application.
  • HTTP Method: POST
  • Payload: JSON
    • uuid: Unique identifier. <string>
    • type: Type of message. <string: "SMS" || "MMS">
    • from: From SMS e164 number. <string>
    • to: Target SMS e164 number. <string>
    • content: The test message. <string>
    • media: Array
      • <base64 encoded image(s)>


  • Incoming message received from sender.
  • Webhook configured?
    • HTTP POST to URL
  • (other actions)



This incoming SMS would produce a webhook payload something like this:


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