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Caller ID Name

Caller ID Name (CNAM)

  • All Clearly IP SIP trunking users get free Caller ID Name (CNAM) lookup on all DIDs purchased on your locations.
  • Unlike other carrier we do not charge you more per call, per number or per lookup dip to provide the Caller ID Name on a inbound call.

SPAM Notifications

  • A service that is included on our Caller ID Name delivery is a notification if the call is detected as a potential SPAM call.
  • We have 3 settings of Spam Call Notifications as defined below.
    • CIP Robo? - If a call is suspected of being a Robo Dialer Call we will Prepend the inbound callers Caller ID Name with CIP Robo?.  If the inbound callers Caller ID Name is "Mike Smith" it would appear to you as "CIP Robo? Mike Smith"
    • CIP Spam? - If a call is suspected of being a Spam call we will Prepend the inbound callers Caller ID Name with CIP Spam?.  If the inbound callers Caller ID Name is "Mike Smith" it would appear to you as "CIP Spam? Mike Smith"
    • CIP Fraud Call: - If a call ranks high enough that we know its Fraud we will still present the call to you but we will replace the inbound callers Caller ID Name with CIP Fraud Call:.  If the inbound callers Caller ID Name is "Mike Smith" it would appear to you as "CIP Fraud Call:"
  • If you receive calls that are marked at one of the thresholds above and you want to report to us that you feel the call was marked incorrectly please open a support ticket and we will investigate it and if we agree with you, we will whitelist that number so future calls will not show up as Fraud, Spam or Robo call from that number

LIDB (Setting of your CNAM name on DIDs)

  • We fully support allowing customers to set the CNAM that should be associated with your numbers.
  • Setting of this CNAM can be done in our Trunking and Cloud Portal as outlined here.

What to do if your number shows as Potential Spam on another Carrier


  If your number is showing on another Carrier as Potential Spam, it could be that Carrier has deemed your number as a spam risk. Mislabeling has become an issue within the industry since each telephone number reputation labeling system uses various data sources to classify its incoming calls. The data sources can be sourced from third party services or by the telephone service provider themselves. At times, these data sources may accumulate incorrect information indicating that your originating phone number(s) are generating spam or fraudulent calls. Consequently, the intermediate or the terminating service provider may flag your calls as spam. Please note Clearly IP cannot directly influence how the caller information is displayed at the destination.

When call recipients report that calls originating from your number(s) show up as “Scam Likely” or “Spam” on their phone, you may use the list of resources provided below to assist with removing these mislabeled caller identifications. The following is a non-exhaustive list of data aggregators who provide curated spam feeds to various service providers. You may reach out to them and indicate that your number(s) are being incorrectly flagged as spam. You may also find out the terminating service provider of the called number and reach out to let them know about the problem. 

  • AT&T:



  • AlticeCall Labels: 
“Fraudulent Call” or CNAM prepend of “Spam?” or “Robo?”Contact: robocallmitigation@alticeusa.com
  • Verizon
  • Sprint, Verizon, U.S. Cellular:


  • Comcast, Charter, Cox, Altice and other fixed line (VoIP) providers, email Nomorobo for call blocking services:


  • T-Mobile/FirstOrion/PrivacyStar: 

  • Call Transparency:

  • TNS Call Guardian:

  • Nomorobo:

  • YouMail

  • Free Call Registry:
  • Big RiverContact: 
  • Comcast’s Xfinity Voice ServiceCall Labels: “Blocked – High Spam Risk” or CNAM prepend of “Spam?”Contact: 
  • C Spire/TNSCall Label: “Potential Spam”Contact: 
askus@cspire.com and communications@tnsi.com
  • FidelityCall Labels:  “Fraudulent Call” or CNAM prepend of “Spam?”:
Contact: www.fidelitycommunications.com/phone/robocallmitigation/correctionform
  • Frontier/NomoroboCall Label:  “Robocaller”Contact: 
nospam@ftr.com or www.nomorobo.com/contact and choose “Report a number”
  • Lumen/NomoroboCall Label: “Robocaller”Contact: 
www.nomorobo.com/contact and choose “Report a number”
  • MidcoContact: 
  • RoboKillerContact:
  • Spectrum/TNSCall Label: “Spam Likely”Contact: 
  • TelzioCall Label: “Fraudulent Call”Contact
support@telzio.com or 888-998-9080
  • US Cellular/TNSCall Label: “Potential Spam”Contact: 
  • WindstreamCall Label: “Fraudulent Call” or CNAM prepend of “Spam?”Contact: 

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