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  • The Organization section is for informational overview for your Organization (Account) and lets you set different default contacts for things like billing and sale along with your Billing Address and Payment terms.
  • Once logged into the Clearly Trunking Portal , Go to Account -> Organization to view your Company Information.

  • The top portion will show information about your company and let you edit your company information and address.  You can also see what day of month your statements are generated each month and what payment terms and grace period you have.
  • The bottom section is where we can manage who the contacts for the 4 different contact groups are.  For example any contact set as a Billing contact will receive email copies of all invoices and any other items related to the accounting side of the relationship.  From here you can add and remove contacts for each contact type.  To add a new contact that does not exist yet see the Contact section below.


  • What is a Contact? A contact would be any user listed within the account. These users may be listed as technical, billing, etc., with variable permissions and authorizations.
  • Within your Account, you can easily View, Edit, and/or Create Contacts for your Account.
  • Once logged into the Clearly Trunking Portal , Go to Account -> Contacts to view your existing contacts.

  • From there you will see a full list of the current Contacts to your account. You can choose to Add a New Contact, as well as View properties of existing Contacts (as noted under the 'Actions'), and whether or not this User is allowed for account Login.

  • Click on the Binoculars for a Contact that you would like to enable login and set a username and password for this contact.


  • Invoices are where you can see the full history of all your paid and unpaid invoices with Clearly IP and download PDF copies along with making payment with a Credit Card for any unpaid invoices.

  • Once logged into the Clearly Trunking Portal , Go to Account -> Invoices to view your Invoices

  • From here you can view, download and pay any of your invoices and see the status of each invoice

Call Details Records (CDRs)

  • From within your Account, you can easily view and download current and previously billed Call Detail Records (CDRs). These records are updated in 'near time', and generally within 60 seconds of a recently ended call.
  • Once logged into the Clearly Trunking Portal , Go to Account -> View CDRs

  • From here we can see all of our CDRs and use the Filter to change the date range

  • To download the CDRs to CSV click on the "Download" button at the top and all the CDRs within the filter range will be downloaded to CSV.

Payment Methods

  • Currently all accounts require a credit card on file for processing of invoices and purchases unless Payment Terms have been established with Clearly IP Accounting team. It is generally best practices to store more than 1 card for backup purpose(s) to prevent payment issues on a singular card (limit, expiration, bank error, etc).
  • Don't worry. We only save a 'token' for these payment methods to be used with the issuing bank. Just like with all of your information, we want to take extra steps for security when it comes to credit card and banking information.
  • Once logged into the Clearly Trunking Portal , Go to Account -> Payment Methods

  • From here you can see a list of all payment methods and credit cards on file with us

  • To add a new Credit Card click on the "Add New Payment Method" option in the bottom right corner

  • Fill in your Credit Card information and press the "Save" button.

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