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Technical Support

General Support Levels

The following wiki outlines the different level of support services offered by Clearly IP.  If you are looking to make a feature request for any of our products or review submitted feature request from our users please review this wiki here on our Feature Request Tracker.
  • Cloud Services - Includes Clearly SIP Trunking, Clearly Cloud and Business Connect.
    • Clearly IP SIP Trunking
      • Includes free support related to your Trunking Service and Answering General Questions.
      • Does not include us assisting with any firewall or network issues.
    • Clearly Cloud and Business Connect
      • Includes free support related to your Clearly Cloud Admin GUI, Call Panel, Clearly Anywhere Mobile.  
      • Does not include us actually configuring the system unless we included Setup in your Signed Contract with us.
      • Does not include us assisting with any firewall or network issues.
      • Includes support to ask general questions related to any Supported connected IP phones. 
    • ISD Micronet Support
      • Includes free support related to your IDS Web GUI
      • Does not include updates or bug fixes as the IDS system is End of Life.
  • Clearly Anywhere for FreePBX 
    • Includes general assistance with getting Clearly Anywhere setup on your system.
    • Does not include us actually configuring the system.
    • Does not include us assisting with any firewall or network issues.
  • Clearly IP Phones
    • Free Support for general questions and assistance.
    • Does not include the actual setup of your phones or configuring them when not used with Clearly Cloud or Business Connect.

How to Open a Support Request

  • All Technical Support request must start with opening a support ticket through the Clearly IP Support Center at https://support.clearlyip.com.  Your login is the same login you use for any of our portals or stores.  If you are not sure of your login you can use the forgot password option on login.
  • If you do not have a Login account with us you can create one at the Support Center above.
  • Once logged in click on the Submit Ticket button under Technical Support to open a ticket with our Technical Support Team. If you ticket is related to a Sales or Billing you can pick one of those departments instead.

  • Under Product Family pick which product this request is for.

  • If you have a paid Support Contract (mainly for non cloud services customers as cloud includes support) you can provide your Support Contract Number here otherwise leave it blank

  • Under Location ID if this ticket is for any of our Cloud Services listed above please provide your Location ID here so we know which Location this request is for. 
    • If you do not provide a Location ID and your request is for a Cloud Service product it MAy delay receiving support as the system can not route your request to a Technical Support rep until this information is received from you which the 1st level of support technician will request before the ticket can be assigned out.

  • Subject and Description is where you provide all the details related to your request.  

  • You can optionally attach and screenshot or files and press Submit when done.

  • once your ticket is assigned out a Support Technician will reply to you and you will receive all communications from the ticket system through your email and you can reply to the responses through email.

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