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  • Clearly IP always enjoys hearing about feature request from our Customers and Partners. We believe some of the best ideas for features come from our everyday users of our products.
  • We have decided to open up the Feature Request system to all users who have a login to our Support Center.
  • From here you can view all Feature Request from yourself and all of our other users and also submit new feature ideas.

Status Understanding

  • For each feature request the following different Status are assigned to a ticket as it works its way through our process.
    • Under Review - Once a new request has been submitted and we have done basic Moderation on the request to make sure it is not SPAM.  This Status means we are reviewing the request and will determine if it can be accepted as a request and something we can put on the future roadmap or if the request is not something we are willing to commit to doing.
    • Maybe Later - Means we have not accepted the request for our Roadmap at this time but we will review it again in the future for inclusion. If your Feature Request or one you feel needs to be included we recommend commenting and getting users to vote it up for us to reconsider.
    • In Progress - Means we have accepted the Feature Request and added it to our Roadmap. Please note we can not provide ETA on when the feature will be included.  Once accepted into the Roadmap it could be included in as little as a month or could take 6-12 months.  
    • Implemented - Means the work for the feature request has been completed and included in the product or future update of the product.  A Clearly IP staff member will add a comment on what version the feature was included in.
    • Will Not Implement - Means the feature request has been rejected. Its rare for this to happen and a Staff Member will include a comment on why a specific feature request has been rejected.  

Creating a Feature Request

  • Click on the + icon in the top menu
  • Pick the "Add Topic" option
  • Provide a clear Title and detailed Description of your feature request.
  • Pick which Product this request is for under the Sub Category section
  • Press "Post" when done.  All new Feature Request do require approval from Clearly IP before they are published for other users to see and this approval process is done usually within 1 business day.

Voting and Commenting on Feature Request

  • Each feature request can be voted on by our Customers and Partners.  The more votes on a specific request will increase the likely hood of the feature being included into the roadmap.  Click on the Vote button to vote in favor of a specific request.
  • You can also comment on any Feature Request and review other users comments.  Please note that comments that are not relevant to the Feature Request or offensive may be edited or removed by Clearly IP Staff

Following a Request to receive Updates

  • You can follow any request when viewing the request by clickign on the Follow button when viewing a request.
  • Once followed it will now allow you to Unfollow

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