• Date Released - 2020-02-28. In Progress
  • Features
    • Add support for new button type called Silent Calling to be used as a Panic button.  See this wiki on the details of this new feature.
    • Add support in phone for Ring volume to be set on a per call basis with an alert info packet.   In FreePBX modules that lets you set the Ring Tone you can also set the Ring Volume such as Inbound Routes, Ring Groups, Queues and other places. The phone will now honor the Ring Volume that the PBX sends. See this wiki on details of this new feature.
    • Add support for phone when booted up you can optionally have it execute the e911 app to show you the current 911 Location and Call Back Profile that is being used with Clearly IP Trunking. See this wiki on details of this new feature.
    • Add support for longer HTTP(s) Username and Passwords for provisioning by increasing the field size to 255 characters.

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix issue with CIP 270 not handling factory reset without knowing the admin password of the phone. This only affected the CIP 270 model
    • Fix issue when enabling GUI Override would cause spaces in the button label name to show with a + as the space.
    • Fix DTMF issue with Opus and G729 codecs dtmfs are duplicated. 
    • Adjust the microphone level for speakerphone after complaints it was to quite.
See below attachments to download the firmware.
  • Firmware file fw500M.rom is used by the CIP 230 Phones
  • Firmware file fw520M.rom is used by the CIP 250 and 270 Phones.
  • Firmware file fw46.rom is used by the CIP 200 Expansion Module.  Firmware Version is latest Expansion Module Firmware paired for the CIP 270 phone.

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