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Reinstalling 715/716

  1. Install CentOS 7 base from USB Drive
  2. Download and run Incredible PBX 2020 Installer by following the steps below:
    1. yum -y update
    2. yum -y install net-tools nano wget tar
    3. cd /root
    4. wget https://bit.ly/38zhkUy -O incrediblepbx2020.2.tar.gz
    5. tar zxvf incrediblepbx2020.2.tar.gz
    6. ./IncrediblePBX2020.sh
    7. After the installer is finished with phase 1 it will reboot. After reboot, steps 8-10 run the script again to finish.
    8. Login
    9. cd /root
    10. ./IncrediblePBX2020.sh
    11. After the second run of the script is done, the system will reboot.
    12. The root password will now be set to password2020
    13. Follow these steps to Patch DAHDI here

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