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MultiCast Paging Setup

To setup MultiCast Paging for Clearlyip.Cloud / ClusterPBX

1. Sign into CD


A. Click CDM/Templates


B. Choose your template to add Multicast too

C. Click Networking Tab


D. Enter the these or you own multicast address details

i. Multicast Label 1 = PAGE ALL
ii. Multicast Address1=
iii. Multicast Port 1 = 1008


iv. All selected devices in the template will now be setup to receive PAGE requests.

2. Setup a Multicast Page button on your phone model

A. Click CDM/Templates
B. Choose your template to add Multicast too.
C. Click Models Tab
D. Choose your model

E. Enter these for Multicast button

i. Select the Line Key you want to setup for your Multicast ALL PAGE button
ii. Change the function key to a Mulicast Paging function.
iii. The line key will auto update with your PAGE all setup you previous setup.
iv. Once completed click Update Model
v. Reboot or reprovision your phone.

3. Once your phone is updated, make sure to setup multiple phones for the multicast to work for this test. Click PAGE ALL and listen to your first PAGE.

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