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Installing Mobile App


Easy Provisioning for Android and iOS Devices.

Clearly Anywhere is provisioned within the FreePBX Administrative interface. Once enabled in FreePBX, end users can follow simple instructions to install the application via the Android Play Store or iOS app store. Then automatically configure using a QR code or simple username and password, the same as the FreePBX User Control Panel


Navigate to Google Play store and search for the Clearly Anywhere app
or use the link here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clearlyip.anywhere.android

Apple (iOS)

Navigate to the App, Store and search for the Clearly Anywhere app

Logging In with User Manager Login

  • Once Installed you will need to login with your User Manager information:
  • Provide the following information
    • User Name - User Manager username from your PBX.
    • Password - User Manager password from your PBX.
    • Domain - Domain is the domain you had us setup with your token.  It can be found from your Clearly Anywhere module on your PBX as outlined here called PBX Domain.
  • After 15-20 seconds the login and provisioning process should be completed and you will now be logged into your Clearly Anywhere app and can start to make and receive calls!

Logging in with QR Code

We also make it easier for users to login using a QR Code from their User Control Panel (UCP). To provide this capability to your users, follow the instructions below:
  • Add QR Code Widget into UCP
    • Navigate to your User Control Panel (UCP) on your PBX and login with your account.
    • Press the + to add a new widget
    • Pick the Softphone Provisioning option and press the + to add the new widget
    • You will now have a QR code you can scan from your Clearly Anywhere mobile app to automatically login
    • Scan the QR code from your phone and it will auto log you in.  If you do not have the Clearly Anywhere app installed at the time you scan the QR code from your phone it will automatically take you into the play store to install the app.

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