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CodeX UCP Widgets

Once you have setup a user or group in User Manager with permissions to access one or more Code X widgets as outlined here, they can now login to UCP and add that widget.

Adding Widgets

  • From within UCP click on the + button to add a new widget

  • Click on the Code X widget menu option


  • From here you will see we have 2 widgets per Code X.
    • The first option is a panel to manage active running Code X groups or start a active Code X for your specific Code X Group
    • The second option is a Reports log file for all previous expired or stopped Code X alerts for your specific Code X Group

Managing Code X Widget

  • Any Code X groups you have added a widget for to manage, you will now see them in UCP.  
  • If the Code X for a specific group is not running you will get a start button and a screen like below showing its STOPPED

  • You can press the start button to start a new Code X for this group
    • This will send a page to all the members of the page group that the Code X is linked to and you will see a list of all members and what their current status is

  • From here we can see the initial status is of all members are UNKNOWN as they have not checked in Safe or Unsafe yet

  • From here see when the current running Code X will time out

  • We can also resend the announcement to the page group at anytime pressing this button

  • If you want to stop a running Code X before it expires you can press the stop button at anytime.

  • Lastly you can change the Status of any member to Safe or Unsafe at anytime by clicking with your left mouse button on the Extension Number under the User Column and picking the Status


Reports Code X Widget

  • If you added a Reports Widget to UCP for any Code X group, you will see a drop down to pick from any previous expired or stopped Code X for the group, and be able to view a history of who checked in with what status and what time

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