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Registering Cisco SPA 112 and 122 to FreePBX


  • The following is a simple guide that we are providing to our customers as an example of how to setup a ATA that is capable of T38 Faxing to register to FreePBX and passthrough T38 packets to our T38 Fax Trunks.  Clearly IP Inc provides this as is and does not guarantee this setup will work for you and can not provide support for debugging such a setup.

Configuring Cisco ATA

  • Log into your Cisco ATA WebGUI and navigate to the Voice Line 1 option

  • Under the NAT and Network Settings set the following options
    • NAT Keep Alive Enabled - yes
    • Network Jitter Level - very high
  • Under the Proxy and Registration Settings section set the following fields
    • Proxy - Your FreePBX IP Address or FQDN of your PBX and what port SIP is setup with on your PBX such as 5060.
    • Register Expires - 300
  • Under Subscriber Information
    • Display Name - SIP Extension from your PBX
    • User ID -  SIP Extension from your PBX
    • Password - SIP Extension Password/Secret from your PBX
  • Under Audio Configuration
    • Fax Passthru Method - ReINVITE
    • Fax T38 ECM Enable - yes
    • Echo Canc Enable - no
    • Fax Enable T38 - yes
    • Fax T38 Redundancy - 3
    • Fax Tone Detect Mode - callee only
    • Fax T38 Return to Voice - no
  • Save your changes and you should be able to send and receive T38 faxes through your PBX now.

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