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General SIP Troubleshooting

General Information

VoIP Calls are comprised of the signaling and audio components.  Therefore VoIP issues are commonly broken down into Signaling (SIP) or Audio (RTP) issues for troubleshooting.

Common SIP (Signaling) Issues:

  • Trunks won't Register
  • Inbound calls don't connect or get refused
  • Inbound calls drop immediately or are refused
    Note: Calls that last more then 2-3 seconds before dropping are more than likely not going to be SIP issues. 

Common RTP (Audio) Issues

  • One Way Audio
  • No Audio
  • Audio Garbled or Choppy
    Note: With VoIP/SIP calls being digital, there is no such thing as "static" on a digital calls.  The term "Static" typically implies whitenoise that is usually associated with Analog Services such as POTs lines. 
    If a user on a purely digital call with no analog legs (such as a when using ATA gateways) describes an Audio issue as having Static, you'll need to clarify what they mean.  Usually what they mean is Choppy or a Digitized (Robotic) sounding audio.  Recordings of these calls can be immensely helpful.

Trouble Shooting Tools

  • tcpdump
  • sngrep
  • wireshark

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