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Enabling 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline Calling


As of Jan 15th 2021 ClearlyIP has now enabled 988 on their trunking service. Saturday, October 17th, President Trump signed into law a bipartisan bill that will make 9-8-8 the universal telephone number to reach the national suicide prevention hotline starting in 2022

The law requires all telecommunications carriers as well as all interconnected and one-way Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers to direct all 988 calls to the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. While this rule goes into effect as of July 16, 2022, ClearlyIP has already ensured compliance.

To allow calling 988 from your PBX you just need to make sure you setup your outbound routing to our servers to allow sending 988 as a valid number.

FreePBX Existing Systems


  • For any customers who already configured their trunks with us before Jan 15th 2021 you will need to go edit your default Outbound Route to add the 988 as a Outbound Dial Pattern match as shown below.
  • Navigate to your FreePBX based system and Click on the Outbound Routes module

  • Edit on your default outbound route usually called "Clearly Trunking Outbound" or something similar

  • Click on the "Dial Patterns" tab at the top and go add 988 as shown below as a pattern match

  • Press the Submit Button and Apply Config.  You should be all set now.


FreePBX New Systems installed after Jan 15th 2021


  • If using the Clearly Trunking module to auto setup your trunks after Jan 15th 2021 the Created Outbound Route for Clearly Trunking will automatically include the 988 as a Dial Pattern.

  • To verify this is setup correct you can review the steps above for FreePBX Existing Systems and verify 988 shows under the Dial Patterns.

  • For full instructions on how to use the Clearly Trunking module to setup your Trunking in FreePBX click here


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