SIP Trunk Setup

We recommend using our SRV record below when setting up 3CX as you can only register a single server with the same username so the only way to have redundancy is to use SRV records as outlined below.
  • For US Customers use the SRV of us.clearlyip.com
  • For CA Customers use the SRV of ca.clearlyip.com
  • In 3CX go to the SIP Trunk menu and create a new SIP Trunk with the Add SIP Trunk button

  • Fill in the following fields in the SIP Trunk
    • General Tab
      • Enter Name for Trunk - Clearly IP
      • Registrar/Server/Gateway Hostname or IP - Here you will put in the SRV record from above of us.clearlyip.com or ca.clearlyip.com
      • Type of Authentication - Register/Account based
      • Authentication ID (aka SIP User ID) - The SIP username from your trunking portal with Clearly IP as shown here.
      • Authentication Password - The SIP Password from your trunking portal with Clearly IP as shown here.

      • DIDs Tab 
        • Add each of your DIDs by clicking the "Add Single DID" button.
      • Caller ID Tab
        • Set a default Caller ID if desired by filling in the "Configure Outbound Caller ID" field.
      • Options Tab
        • Re-Register Timeout - Set to 120 seconds
        • Transport Protocol - Set to TCP
        • Codec Priority- G.711 U-law as the first entry.
  • Click OK to save changes.

Outbound Routing Setup

Your trunk is now created.  You will need to setup an Outbound Rule to utilize the service for outbound calling. For a very simplistic setup, follow the steps below:
  • Click on "Outbound Rules" on the left Menu
  • Click on "Add"
    • Provide a descriptive Rule Name in the "Rule Name" field
    • In the "Calls to Numbers with a length of" field, enter 10
    • For "Route 1", select the trunk name you created above
    • Leave "Strip Digits" at 0
    • Add "1" into the "Prepend" field (without the quotes)
    • Click "OK" to save.
This will allow any 10 digit number dialed to add a 1 to it (ClearlyIP trunking expects an 11 digit number), and be routed out the trunk created above.
You can add additional rules such as:
  • 911
    • Numbers with a length of "3"
    • No strip digits
    • No prepend digits
  • 7 digit local numbers
    • Numbers with a length of "7"
    • No strip digits
    • Prepend digits of "1" and your area code, ie: "1920"
  • 11 digit numbers (if someone dials a 1 first)
    • Numbers with a length of "11"
    • No strip digits
    • No prepend digits

SMS Setup

  • Requires a Brand and Campaign.  Instructions can be found at https://kb.clearlyip.com/trunking/Buying-Service.html#Messaging
  • Enable SMS in 3CX
    • Click SIP Trunks
    • Check the box next to the Clearly IP Trunk
    • Click Edit on the Trunk

    • Click the SMS tab
    • Enable SMS by checking the box.
    • API Key - This is the SIP Trunk Token, which can be found by editing the trunking location at https://trunking.clearlyip.com
    • Provider URL - https://sms.clearlyip.com/api/v1/message
    • Copy Webhook URL - You will need this to enter into the trunking DID at https://trunking.clearlyip.com.
    • Click OK
  • Setup the webhook URL
    • Login at https://trunking.clearlyip.com
    • Go to Products and Services, then Numbers.
    • Click on the Binoculars on the number you wish to enable SMS for.  This can be repeated for any DIDs that will require SMS.
    • Scroll down to the Messaging card and click on the pencil
    • Toggle on the Enable SMS/MMS
    • Select a Messaging Campaign
    • For Webhook Type:, select 3CX
    • For Webhook URL:, enter the Webhook URL copied from the SMS tab you saved above.
    • Click SAVE when done.

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