Custom Configs


Custom Configs allow you to define more settings available on the ClearlyIP Phones that are not available as an option in the ClearlyIP Devices Module.

Custom Configs

  1. From the Right hand side menu click the Gear Icon under Custom Config

  2. From here you should see what looks like an XML config file.
    Each setting is saved on a separate line

  3. To make a change use your browser's search function (Usually Crtl/Command F) to find the setting you're looking for.
    Most settings are self explanatory, and can usually be found just by searching for relevant keywords.
    For a list of supported config entries, see the Wiki: Configuration Files and you can search for the exact P-Code.

  4. Click on any existing entry, it will become a text box you can customize.
    1. If you need to add and entry for something that doesn't already exist.  Pick any existing line press Enter to start a new line and create your entry from scratch being careful use valid xml syntax.

  5. When done click the Submit button in the lower left of the screen, this will write your changes out to the applicable phone's configs and may reboot them if necessary.

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