Silent Intercom


This feature is designed primarily to allow security staff to be able to clear a room as safe.  It is recommended to disable this feature code if you are not going to use this feature.  This feature allows another extension on the PBX to be able to dial any other ClearlyIP phone and listen in on what is happening around the phone.  When dialed the phone, if not on another call, will auto-answer and activate the microphone on the phone without the phone showing it's on an active call.

Your microphone will remain active on your phone until any 1 of the following things occur.
  1. You pickup your receiver or press the speaker phone button.
  2. You receive an inbound call that you answer.  If you do not answer the call or press ignore the panic call will remain in effect.
  3. You make an outbound call.

Viewing and Changing the feature code

  1. Navigate to the Feature Code module on your FreePBX based system.

  2. Locate the feature code called "Silent Intercom"

  3. From here you can disable the feature if you are not going to use it or change the feature code to something else.

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