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By default the phone will revert back to Page 1 of the Line keys (Home Page) based on the following 2 actions.  This ability was added in phone firmware and Clearly Devices module or newer.
  • Revert To Home After Press.  If you navigate to pages 2 through 4 on the Line Keys after you press a button and that action is completed such as the call is hung up or you exit from the Phone App, the phone will revert page to Page 1.
  • Revert To Home After Timeout.  If you navigate to pages 2 through 4 on the Line Keys and after 30 seconds of not pressing any button the phone by default will revert back to Page 1.
You can change these two settings from within the Template Settings in Clearly Devices.

Template Settings
  • Login to the Admin GUI of your PBX
  • Navigate to Settings --> ClearlyIP Devices
  • From the Right Side Menu 
  • Select the Template wish to change these two settings for.

  • Select the Phone Settings Tab, and you can see the two options below

  • Be sure to Submit any changes.

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