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Note: In most cases the phones will login and out without the need to reboot.  However in some situations an automatic reboot will be necessary such as:
  • When a phone is logged in for the first time and doesn't already have a mapping defined
  • When a phone is already logged in, it's mapping is deleted from Clearly IP Devices and then it is logged out.

First Time Login With Defaulted (New Out of Box) Phone

  1. Boot the phone
  2. If you have the Phone Apps Fallback options defined in Port settings (as setup in Hot Desking Initial Setup ), you should see a blank screen with “Login” on the Line Keys.
    Note: If phones don't boot up to show a Login Button you may also need to configure Provisioning as detailed in the Setting Configuration Server  Wiki.
    01_LoggedOutFirstTime   11_LogIn

  3. Press the "Login" button and fill in the users Extension and Voicemail Password

  4. Press "Submit"

  5. If Successful you should hear a beep and the phone should provision showing the Line Keys and Buttons configured in the Users Logged in Model Layout.

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