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Logging in to Redirect Server

Logging Into Redirect Server

  • Navigate to https://devices.clearlyip.com
  • Click on the "Login or Signup" button in the top right corner

  • Click on the "DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT? SIGN UP! option to create a new account or Login with your Clearly IP auth information if you have an account with us already.
    • All Clearly IP services use a common Single Sign on so if you have an account for other Clearly services like Support or Trunking the same login is used here.

  • Fill in your information below.
    • If you get an error on the Captcha not matching press the REFRESH option next to the Captcha to generate a new Captcha.
    • Press the "SIGN ME UP" button to complete your sign up.

  • Your information will be submitted and 5-10 seconds later you should get a pop up that you account has been created and that you need to now verify your email address before you can login.

  • You will now receive a email with a link to verify your account with us.
    • Click on the link in your email to verify you are the owner of the email address.

  • You can now login to the store with the username and password you defined above

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