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Conference Room App

Using ClearlyIP Conference Room Phone App

Monitoring Conference Rooms

  1. Select the Conference SoftKey on your phone

  2. You will see a list of allowed Conference Rooms, and how many users are currently in each room.
    Note: You will Only see the those Conference Rooms your user is allowed to see via User Manager permissions

Managing users in Conference Rooms


  1. Select the Conference SoftKey on your phone

  2. Navigate to the Conference Room of the Users you want to Manage, Select View.

  3. You will see a list of users currently in that Conference Room
  4. Select the user you want to Kick or Mute/Unmute, and select Action

  5. Select the desired action

Allow Users Access to Conference Phone App in User Management


  1. Navigate to Admin --> User Management
  2. Select the Users or Groups tab
    Note: Typically it's best to set permissions at the Group Level, but ultimately depends on your organization and if the setting will be a one off exception or should apply to a group of users.
  3. Select Edit Icon for the User/Group you wish to grant access to the Conference Phone App
  4. Select the Clearly Devices Tab.
  5. Select the Conferences Tab, and make sure Enable is selected, and the desired rooms are selected.
  6. Select Submit & Apply to save your changes
    00_Submit 01_Apply

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