• Date Released - 2023-03-27
  • Features
    • Add BLF Wake Up Screensaver function
    • Add Dial First Digit function
    • Add Contacts Photo Server function
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the issue that the phone did not enter the dialing interface when it was off-hook in the screen saver state
    • Fixed the issue that the Bluetooth headset did not have sound when it was disconnected and reconnected during the call.
    • When the Voice Mail Key Type is set to xml app, it did not work.
    • Fixed the issue that the screen time-out does not take effect after the phone "Power Saving" changes from working hours to non-working hours
    • Optimize handset sound quality
    • Fix issue when the phone is connected to Wifi and Bluetooth, Wifi and Bluetooth are not available after restarting the phone
    • Fix issue with after the phone is successfully connected to WiFi, the wan mask in the LCD network is displayed as
    • Fixed the issue that EHS may not connect
    • Fixed the issue that the Hotline function does not work
    • Fixed multiple stability issues.
URL for download is https://firmware.conf.ws/cip/

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