• Date Released - 06-11-2020
  • Features
    • Add support for new button type called BLF Smart.  BLF Smart if set will use the long and short press prefixes for the button.  If you set just BLF it will ignore those prefixes.
    • Add support to to set the Transfer Type for Long and Short Button presses versus it just using what is set globally for transfer type.
    • Add support to show the VLAN ID that the phone is using from the main status page on the Web GUI of the phone
    • Create icons for each phone app type to be used on the phone based on what phone app is setup.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix issue where the icon for the BLF would not update when the phone was in Inactive Mode.
See below attachments to download the firmware.
  • Firmware file fw500M.rom is used by the CIP 230 Phones
  • Firmware file fw520M.rom is used by the CIP 250 and 270 Phones.
  • Firmware file fw46.rom is used by the CIP 200 Expansion Module.  Firmware Version is latest Expansion Module Firmware paired for the CIP 270 phone.

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