• Date Released - 5-26-20
  • Features
    • Add Support for Netsapien Switch and Features.
    • Add a native DND button instead of using a BLF button.  Allow DND to be Server Side or Client Side.  
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix issue where randomly after switching a phone to use VPN it would loose audio until you rebooted the device
    • Fix Misc Typo on Phone GUI Display for 100 Mbps shown as Mpbs.
See below attachments to download the firmware.
  • Firmware file fw500M.rom is used by the CIP 230 Phones
  • Firmware file fw520M.rom is used by the CIP 250 and 270 Phones.
  • Firmware file fw46.rom is used by the CIP 200 Expansion Module.  Firmware Version is latest Expansion Module Firmware paired for the CIP 270 phone.

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