• Date Released - 12-27-19
  • Features
    • Add new option that allows Web GUI changes to override config file changes when both have been changed. The behavior prior to this new feature being added was the config file changes always overwrote the web GUI changes in the phone.  Now users can set which option they prefer to win out.
    • Add support for Long Press BLF with Expansion Module.  Prior to this change only BLFs on the phone itself supported Long Press of the BLF now the Expansion Module honors the same setting that is on the phone for feature codes on Long Press and Short Press.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix issue where if you pressed cancel button and started a new call the first digit DTMF was not being played and was suppressed
    • Fix issue where Horizontal Key Labels were not updating without a reboot of the phone if you made changes to the label.
See below attachments to download the firmware.
  • Firmware file fw500M.rom is used by the CIP 230 Phones
  • Firmware file fw520M.rom is used by the CIP 250 and 270 Phones.
  • Firmware file fw46.rom is used by the CIP 200 Expansion Module.  Firmware Version is latest Expansion Module Firmware paired for the CIP 270 phone.

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