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Recommended Blocked Modules


These are the modules most resellers will want to block from end users
Note: FreePBX┬« Modules have atleast two names; a "rawname" and their fullname.  The rawname is typically what you will see referenced in the CLI (e.g. fwconsole ma listonline) and the full name is typically what's used in the Menu Drop downs in the Admin GUI. These names can also change based on Branding but the rawname is usually consistent.  

Suggested Modules to Block

rawname Full Name Reasoning
configedit Config Edit Allows users to edit asterisk configs via the Admin GUI
irc irc Provides users an IRC client in the Admin GUI
phpinfo PHP Info Provides system into
accountcodepreserve Preserve Accountcode Unsupported module that creates issues for lots of customers.
campon Camp-On No longer supported in Asterisk as a feature after version 13.
ucpnode UCP Node Backend for UCP Deprecated and replaced with just UCP module.
versionupgrade xx to yy Upgrade Tool Allows updating the GUI between major versions    
freepbx_ha FreePBX HA No longer supported after version 13
customcontexts Custom Contexts Unsupported module that breaks after version 13 for most people
pbdirectory Phonebook Directory Replaced by Contact Manager starting in FreePBX 13
phonebook Phonebook Replaced by Contact Manager starting in FreePBX 13
queuestats Queue Wallboard Conflicts with other modules and still has not ever been made available for sale yet by Sangoma.
restapi Rest API Replaced by API module in FreePBX 15
sng_mcu Sangoma MCU Was a module for a Sangoma Video MCU product that was end of life in 2016 and no longer offered

Commercial Modules

These Modules have sales landing pages

areminder Appointment Reminder
broadcast Broadcast
callaccounting Call Accounting
callerid CallerID Management
calllimit Outbound Call Limit
conferencespro Conferences Pro
cos Class of Service
endpoint EndPoint Manager
extensionroutes Extension Routing (Exposes options on adavanced tab of outbound routes)
faxpro Adds Additional Inbound Faxing Options
freepbx_ha High Availability
pagingpro Adds Features to Paging
parkpro Adds Features to Parking
pinsetspro Adds Features to Pinsets
pms Property Management
queuestats Queue Wallboard
qxact_reports Queue Reports
recording_report Call Recordings
restapps Phone Apps
sangomacrm CRM Settings
sipstation SIPSTATION
sms Adds SMS Features to UCP
sysadmin System Admin
vega Vega Gateway Management
vmnotify Voicemail Notifications
voicemail_report Voicemail Reports
vqplus Adds Features to Queues
webcallback Web Callback
zulu Zulu

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