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Managing Existing Version


Once you have a pinning version defined and PBX's set to use that pinning version you can control what module versions are available to those PBX's by editing the Pinning Versions.

Log in to the ClearlyIP Mirror Admin Dashboard

Editing an Existing Pinning Version

  1. If you have Multiple Brands, select the desired brand by clicking the edit icon for Displayed Version on the top right 

  2. Click "Select Version" on the top right
  3. Set the Versions you want for each Module
    • Latest means the latest version of that Module will always be available to that Brand and Pinning Version
    • Block means that Module will not be available for systems on that Brand and Pinning Version
    • A version with [stable] means that version has been moved the stable track on the FreePBX® mirror.
    • A version with [edge] means that version is still in the edge track on the FreePBX® mirror. 

  4. Once all your versions are set, Click Save Changes 

Copy To

  • The Copy To button allows you to take an existing version that you have setup and copy all the settings to another existing version.

  • For example if we had that we made a bunch of changes to and wanted to copy all those settings to we could use the Copy To and pick which version you want to copy all the settings of the current version to.

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