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Changing Master Version on FreePBX

Setting The Lock Version on FreePBX®

Setting the Lock Version via Admin GUI

  1. On your PBX under Settings --> Advanced Settings you will set the Lock Version to match the Pinning Version you want that PBX to have.
    Note: When the Branding Module is First Installed if there was no initial version hard coded into the Branding Module this will show "latest" and the PBX will be able to pull all latest module versions until this is updated.

  2. Submit and Apply your Change
    00_Submit and 01_Apply

Setting the Lock Version via Linux CLI

  • SSH in to the PBX the root user or a user that has sudo permissions.
  • Set version via the Commands below being sure to set the version that shows on your Dashboard.
    fwconsole setting MIRROR_BRAND_VERSION
    fwconsole reload

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