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The Code X module is designed for organizations that need a way to mark areas of a building as safe or unsafe during an emergency, and see the realtime status of who has checked in as safe or unsafe, or not checked in yet at all.

The concept here is you setup 1 or more Code X groups.  Each group has an extension number associated with the group to start and stop the Code X along with paired to a Page Group which will define what users get paged in the event of an emergency.  This same group of phones that are paged are included in the list of who has to checkin with a status of safe or unsafe.

Within the group you can set up a custom announcement that is played to the page group, and also optionally set a pin code that users have to enter to start or stop a running Code X group along with a time limit on when the active Code X will expire.

Lastly the Code X can be setup in User Manager permissions for User Control Panel (UCP) widgets that users can view active Code X groups along with starting or stopping and manually checking in a user as safe or unsafe as well as viewing a log history of past Code X sessions that were started.

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