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CodeX Hard Coded Prompts

The Code X system has a list of Defaulted hard coded prompts that have been recoded in English for you, and included in the module.  If you require new prompts recorded in a different language, you will need to create sound files for each of the following and put those sound files, with the exact same file names, in your sound prompts language folder in Asterisk.

  • codex-for-extension.wav
    • The Code X for extension
  • extension-logged-safe.wav
    • This extension has been logged as safe
  • extension-logged-unsafe.wav
    • This extension has been logged as unsafe
  • has-started.wav
    • Has started
  • has-stopped.wav  
    • Has stopped
  • is-running.wav
    • Is Running
  • to-checkin-safe.wav 
    • To Check in safe
  • to-checkin-unsafe.wav
    • To Check in unsafe
  • to-restart-codex.wav
    • To Restart the running Code X for
  • to-start-codex.wav
    • To Start the Code X for
  • to-stop-running-codex.wav
    • To Stop the running Code X for
  • welcome-codex.wav
    • Welcome to the Code X system

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