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Known Limitations

Known limitations for devices in CDM.

Issues listed may be limitations by the manufacturer of the device, or limitations in CDM, or just not yet handled/implemented by CDM.

  • Aastra/Mitel
      • Account/Registration 1 is used as a Global registration.  You should always have a registration 1 when setting up Aastra/Mitel.
      • Aastra/Mitel do not support authentication on http(s) provisioning, so FTP must be used for CDM.
        • For Mitel, firmware version works for provisioning (can be downloaded at http://firmware.conf.ws/mitel/, but did not work, as the phone does not respond to passive FTP port change.
      • Aastra only supports 1 line key per account.  L1 and L2 are physical buttons (and more on some models).  So if you want to use line key type for any programmable buttons, you need to set the account for the key to be an account without a line key mapped yet.  Then in Mappings, you need to add a second account for the same extension.
  • Cisco
    • ATA191 requires 8 digits for admin/user passwords.
  • Digium A-Series
    • SRV records do not honor SRV records port.  Port has to be added manually with custom configs, or use A-Record.
  • Digium D-Series
    • BLF does not work if using outbound proxy addresses.
  • Grandstream
    • Keys set to line with no label, use the Account Label for the associated account.
    • GXP21xx series firmware issue
      • - If the GXP21xx phone is on firmware 1.0.4.x or lower versions, please upgrade to first, or use the 2 upgrade models listed below.
      • - If the GXP21xx phone is on firmware 1.0.7.x and can't upgrade to 1.0.9.x directly, please upgrade to 1.0.8.x first, and then upgrade to 1.0.9.x, or use the 2 upgrade models listed below.
      • Added 2 models to allow for this.
        • GXP21xx-UPGRADE-7
        • GXP21xx-UPGRADE-8
  • Polycom
    • No horizontal key support
    • Keys cannot be blank.  Keys will backfill.  IE: Key 1 line, key 2 blank, key 3 blf, will result it key 1 line, key 2 blf.
    • If the phone does not boot to a screen with "New Call" and "Forward" keys, it likely does not have the SIP software loaded, and will need that first.  This can be problematic, as the provision server needs to provide it, but the phone may not know where to look for it.
  • Yealink
    • No horizontal keys
    • T58W may have too large of a SIP header due to video and other options. This can cause calls in or out to fail.  Solution is to remove any unused codecs.

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